Sunday, December 30, 2012

7 Quick Taaaakes

Hosted by Jen (of Minor Revisions fame) for more! 

Have you seen THIS: 

It's called Flyebaby and I just might buy it for our upcoming trip to Italy! And horse tranquilizers for me. It's been FOUR YEARS since I left the North American continent. 

I found the blog of cjane and was exposed to M o r m o n  d r a m a. It's nice to know other religions have their own interior debates among the faithful. 

I got a job - did I tell you? Say hello to the new assistant to the pastor. HOLLA. I pray God will use me to help others through this position. 

I talked a lot about the lovely Maddie in my previous post, but I didn't show 
you her 
And her sweet boy, Thomas. 

I am now back from the Rogers Family Christmas. BAH HUMBUG. I even forgot to make cookies - what kind of a domestic goddess am I?? 

This Thurday is Zuzu's Baptism. Mom and I got her the most amazing gown and cap, with French hemstitching and gorgeous pleats. The theme of the party is snowflakes, blue and white, to go with her pretty blue eyes

My favorite Zuzu face and sound is after she sneezes. She makes a little woozy sound, as if she is dizzy after so much effort. 
I love her! 


  1. That Flyebaby thing is awesome!! They've thought of everything.

    Congrats on the new position! Hope that you still will get to work with the youth group kids, too.

    1. Yknow I haven't been doing a lot with YG because they meet at night, when wee babe is sleeping. But I do try to stop by sometimes!
      Thanks for the congrats and happy new year!!


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