Sunday, December 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes!

And they'll have to be quick because the babe is child enjoys a good lie-in, as the Brits would say. 

We had the inordinate pleasure of having our friend David here two weekends in a row. Is there anything more delightful than a single man who likes babies? I think not! Watching him hold and chat with Zuzu was absolutely adorable. She seemed quite taken with him. A note to the single ladies out there - he is also single and looking to find a nice girl. Any takers?? (he's not Catholic, but I think he could be!!) 

We've had a rough couple of days here. Zuzu had her two-month shots on Friday and it was awful. She felt poorly of course when it happened but then last night must've been experiencing some soreness and cried for a couple of hours. It nearly broke our hearts! It's enough to make me anti-vaccine, except we're headed to Italy soon and I don't think she could even get in without them. 

No more pictures, Auntie Jen! 

I'm re-reading one of my favorite books, The Closing of the American Mind by Alan Bloom (whose translation of The Odyssey is quite good, if you're interested). Two lines really stood out to me in particular: "Every educational system has a moral goal that it tries to attain and that informs its curriculum. It wants to produce a certain kind of human being." Isn't that so true? It made me reflect upon what my moral goal is for the education of me child(ren) - the kind of human being I want to produce is, of course, a saint! This should inform all of my education of Susannah. What a beautiful, and helpful, thought. 

Miranda by John Williams Waterhouse

Finally got the tree decorated (pics forthcoming) after having it in the house for a week plus. It makes me wonder if inefficiency before children was just due to laziness?? Because I get more done while she naps than I used to get done in an entire day. 

Jiff makes a Nutella knock-off at half the price of the real thing (Hazelnut spread - please, we see what you're doing there) and I think it's delicious. Jen thinks it's too intensely Hazelnutty. I encourage to do your own taste test!! 

Fresh peonies in my daughter's room. Isn't it such a privilege to have a little girl? 

Mr. O stayed up late last night and took turns with me in walking Zuzu while she sobbed her little heart out. While the one person held her, the other did laundry or dishes or called grandparents/friends (sorry Jen) begging for advice. He's amazing and I am so grateful for a husband who is such a wonderful father. My daughter is so blessed! 

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