Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: HEAT WAVE Edition

I'm so glad that it's nice and cold where everyone else is...but we are experiencing a heat wave. Not really, but it's definitely hotter than it can be down here in the swamps. I am super bummed - where's my great Fall weather? I left it back in Alabama, apparently. And with no holiday trip to the in-laws, there will be no reprieve from the weather - and no cousin time either! :(

Alright, onto happier things...I got dressed for Mass today with HEELS, which I love. And Zuzu was well-behaved, although she contemplated being fussy since we got there early and so was letting out staccato yells while I walked her around the back of church.

Zuzu and I, with her being very unimpressed and my skirt being decidedly non-modest. 

Full body shot, showing the classy extension cord running across my porch that I insist on because it makes our lighted garland light up the neighborhood

Top: LOFT via LOFT outlet (some years ago, present from my MIL) 
Skirt: NY&Co on super sale 
Shoes: Gift from Grace in the choir 
Belt: Taken from my mom...maybe without permission...years ago! 

My Marian medal from Sacre Coer in Paris combined with the cross my godparents gave me at my baptism 

Lovely woven more detail on the awesome and liturgically-correct top I'm sporting 

Awesome leopard print sling-backs (and aforementioned classy extension cord)

And because my daughter is 10-pounds of cuteness in a 5-pound bag, here are her deets: 

Dress: Gift from an adoring fan, no doubt (maybe Miss Cammie? Mom didn't write it down, so I can't remember) 
Shoes: None, because a) my feet have never touched the ground and, b) girl, it's hot and I am not going to Mass with sweaty feet
Headband: None, because 1) my mom doesn't love me enough to buy me tons of headbands and, 2) I don't have any hair yet so I can't sport all the adorable hair bows that I have (and trust me, I have tons of them) 
Smile: Zuzu original, but I guess it's a combo of Mommy and Daddy 


  1. Well, I think that the BOTH of you look FAB! :) Love youuuu.

  2. Amen to the headband thing. We had a few for my daughter that were gifts, but she hated them and I always felt like they looked silly on my bald girl!

    1. Well I actually think she looks rather fetching in them, but I'm always worried bout her little head (it seems they're always too tight). I can't wait till Zuzu gets hair, though - mostly because I want to see what color it is!

  3. You two are so cute!!! And I was about to say: I recognize that dress on Zuzu!

    1. Thank you dear!! I'm so glad I was right about the dress...your generosity has been SUCH a gift to us with her - I haven't had to buy any clothes for her yet!

  4. Wow! I can't believe how warm it looks there. And I thought we were having a warm winter in Mississippi...

    1. Yes, southwest Florida is entirely subtropical...we're basically Cuba with better government!

      I miss the Deep South with all my heart. Enjoy Mississippi!!


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