Sunday, December 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Sorry It's Been So Long Edition

hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary!

My sweet baby is two months old! I know you are keeping track and that my telling you this is redundant, but hey, thought I'd help you out anyway and provide you with her big girl picture: 

Sitting up on a pillow?? Be still my heart! 

As of today, I have bought a present or have a present idea that is about to come to reality very shortly, for almost EVERYONE in my and Tom's family. This is huge. I want to fall down, sobbing with relief. Side note: why didn't I think of gift baskets like ten million years ago? Really takes a lot of pressure off me and they really do have some great ones out there. 

THRIFTING. Oookay people, do you thrift? If you don't, a bigger question is - why the heck not? So many of the gals who do the link up at Fine Linen and Purple What I Wore Sunday (coming shortly from yours truly) talk about their outfits and how thrifted they are. I used to do this in high school all the time (Savers in Orlando is amazing), but got out of the habit. Jen and I decided to give it a try since everyone there is all about it and we did GOOD. Check it: Four skirts, one dress, one nice cardigan, one pair of nice heels, and a book - for FIFTY BUCKS. That, ladies and gentlemen, is magical. Especially since several of the items were name brand (including a camel wool skirt from J. Crew). I would talk about what I get for Zuzu, but girlfriend's got a wardrobe until she's two. (not kidding...our parish is very generous) 

Enjoying the awesome massage chairs at BB&B (we sat here for 30+ minutes) - that green cardi is a thrift find from the Goodwill on Pine Ridge! 

Started watching Mad Men on Netflix and it begs the question: would I be a better parent if I day-drank? (I'm just kidding, Mom, I swear)... But would I? 

This Advent feels sort of haphazard and pulled together, even though I'm still doing our Advent suppers on Saturday nights (first Saturday was pork tenderloin, last night's was lamb neck over polenta). But the one thing I can say is that I really identify more with that line "And Mary kept all these things in her heart." There are so many things in Zuzu's life that I just keep storing up in my heart - so many sweet moments, funny instances, little faces. I am the keeper of so many memories, and it's such an honor. 

Sleeping Zuzu, photo a la Auntie Jen

I have given up saying she has a schedule. The other night she was up till 1am (just chilling happily), but then last night she slept from 10 till 10 (with several wake ups for food and change). The good news is, I don't have a schedule either. How do moms who work outside the home do it? 

Try to ignore that all I have written about is Zuzu, shopping, and alcohol. My life really is starting to look like something out of the 1950s (with less cheating and girdles, thank God). 
Bye bye for now! 


  1. She is so sweet and beautiful!

  2. We rock the thrifting. I can't wait until I am here permanently. We might go bankrupt... but it will be amazing, and we will be cute. :)


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