Friday, September 13, 2013

7 again...

It seems my blogging is reduced to quick-taking it, but it'll have to do for now.

I've had a lot of thoughts bopping around my head about motherhood/homemaking/wife-ness. But it was a good summary when I was talking to a friend the other day and she said "what's hard for you?" and I had to say..."nothing." Nothing is hard for me. That isn't to say, I do not find some tasks or days or moods difficult, but is it really HARD? No; I make it hard through my attitude, usually my reluctance to surrender to God's will for that moment - but it is not hard. Then I was stuck wondering if I was being prideful. Does my perception of spiritual/emotion exertion correspond to my high pain tolerance? Or am I just in for a big whoopin' from God, since I'm a big prideful sinner?

Zuzu enjoying cousin love at the Napa wedding

Today, Mr. O and I were enjoying some rare cuddle time on the couch during Zuzu's nap. I was reading a book, he was dozing, and out of the corner of my eye, I see the loveseat on the patio begin to levitate. I quickly turned my head and saw the loveseat was actually raising off the ground several inches, then lowering, and moving side to side. We scrambled off the couch and rushed over to see...our friendly neighborhood tortoise, convinced he could slide under the loveseat and get to the lovely grass just off the porch.
I went outside to convince him to go back down the ramp whence he came, but he decided instead to push his way between two wooden bars (they were already a bit rickety, now I can assure you they are entirely askew) and scamper away, hissing at me all the while.
Also - there were two odd piles of poo on the porch. Were they turtle poo? Dog poo? Google did not help me find an accurate description of turtle droppings, since apparently the Maryland Terps use this nomenclature for some sort of fan-pride. Gross.

Mr. O took the day off today (yaaaay) and we had fun times, which included a trip to Joanne's and the Botanical Gardens. I got out of Joanne's without spending all our life savings (always a miracle), but sadly discovered that the Botanical Gardens had gotten rid of the roses I liked so much. Also, Zuzu got stung by a bee, which I think gave her father a heart attack, but she was alright after some very immodest public nursing and playing in the water feature.

Showing us the programs, also Napa wedding

I am still working on being more contentious about my online interactions. I'm challenged on one hand, especially by Barbara Nicolosi's chapter "Plugging in and Embracing Discipleship in the Twenty-First Century" in the good Sex, Style and Substance book. She challenges the trend of faithful Catholics towards "Amishness." But I'm left wondering - are we ALL called to be so engaged in the culture? Are some of us called to engage in different ways? So much of what is out there is hogwash - twaddle - rubbish - just plain ol' bad. Or if it's not any of those, it's redundant - it's an echo chamber. I'm still struggling with my longing to live in a cave.

My baby turns one in LESS THAN A MONTH. Just a bit freaking out here. And while at first I thought, oh small party mostly close friends and typical Oram fashion I've been orally inviting every person I've seen for the past three weeks, so I think I've already crossed that bridge.
But can I have it catered??

Look who found my huge box of baking soda that I keep on the floor in the laundry room/pantry.

I'm taking a class at the local theology school to finish up my masters, little by little. While I'm excited to be back in an academic environment, the words of their director are ringing true "I do not think this will be an academic environment of the caliber you are used to." The further away from it I go, the more I appreciate that incredible year of study at CUA. The academics, my peers, my professors, the campus - it was an experience beyond expression. Even though I'll probably be paying for it for the next twenty years, I can honestly say it was worth it: that one year was worth it. I'll always miss that place because that one year was worth more to me than my first eighteen, in many ways.

Everything is a necklace to her right now - even clean cloth diapers. And it's a cow pattern! So cow cloth diaper necklace.

Chatting with some moms on the playground today, we discussed what we consider curse words in our homes - for our children and ourselves. It made me think of a video (see below). I like to have pretty strict standards in regards to language, dress, and decorum, simply because it is easier for children to ease up on habits as opposed to reign them in. That is, it is easy to first learn self-discipline and then mercy, as opposed to go from license to self-mastery. If I err on the side of being too strict, it is only too easy to loosen whatever scruples one has learned - don't we see that happening, even without meaning to be so loosed?

This is seriously one of my favorite videos. 
My love for Mormons endures. 

Seven point five
Today is the Feast Day of St. John Chrysostom. I love him and his essay on marriage. St. John Chrysostom, pray for us!

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