Monday, September 9, 2013

Seven Supah-Quick Takes Supah Late


We went to California, which was sadly a whirlwind. It's such a beautiful state and I wish we could have spent more time there! The Napa area was just as beautiful (and expensive) as everyone says, but by far my greatest regret was not getting to visit the restaurant in downtown Napa aptly named: ZUZU. Ah well. Next time! 


As fun as our adventuring has been, I am oh-so-ready to settle into being home for a good long while. Home at last! No big trips coming, no tests, just routines routines routines! I could kiss routine and commitment right now, even though I may want to dropkick them come January. 


So I dove-in headfirst to the start of the school year. A gal pal and I are going to start hosting Endow meetings, probably out of my home (because lets face it, the best motivator to clean is other people coming over). I am a 5th grade catechist. I started taking some masters courses in theology. I work in the nursery still. Ten billion people (okay, maybe 5 or 6) had babies, so I'm bringing lots o' mamas lots o' food. Play dates at the pool are Friday mornings at 10. See - ROUTINE! I'm in love. 


To go along with my homebody-routine-loving self, I have been reading Pope Pius XII's Dear Newlyweds . I bought it a loong time ago and am only now reading it (am I still a newlywed? who cares!) and have his words to be wonderful, inspiring, and peaceful. I read a few sections at the beginning of Zuzu's morning nap, to set the tone for my day. It is so encouraging to hear a Pope recognize the necessity of my job, to have him laud the duties of housekeeping and homemaking. Do pick up a copy, if you're in need.


There have been several habits Mr. O and I have long long long wanted to cultivate but never really done the work to make them stick. The two biggest: daily Mass and the rosary. God's grace finally broke through our stubborness and we have begun to incorporate both of these into our daily routine and let me tell you...WOW. Change! Change in my soul, greater joy in my marriage, peace in my mothering, greater wells of patience and love.  I am so grateful we have embraced these gifts - I hope this will give us the encouragement we need to stick to them!


My baby turns one NEXT MONTH. Can you believe it? I can hardly stand it. We will be having a big party, with lots of cake and pictures and games. I am a mother to a child who is almost one! She is not walking yet, but is tentatively standing on her own sometimes. I am in no rush. :)


I know I haven't been doing much blogging lately, but honestly, the blogosphere has not been a great place lately. I wasn't interested in adding to the noise! But because now I am here is a video. Please enjoy (and stop naming kids stupid names):


  1. Fifth: how do you manage to fit these wonderful habits into your schedule? I have been meaning to do the same but feel like we never have the time, and our baby isn't even here yet!

  2. That video is too funny!

    And good for you for going to daily Mass and doing a daily rosary. I used to go to daily Mass all the time when my oldest was a baby and we lived super close to a Catholic church and the time was convenient. I love the graces you get from attending Mass daily. Unfortunately, then we moved and ended up living further away from a church and we I fell out of the habit and haven't been able to get back into it...I would love to again though.

    And I totally love routine as well..completely hear ya there. !


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