Monday, September 23, 2013

Cloudy Dumb Day

I hate days that are so cloudy it feels like you're stuck at 7am when really it's...almost noon. It makes everyone want to sleep all day - except me. It makes me annoyed. I have things to do, Monday. Quit trying to make me so lazy!

So this weekend my mom came and helped us paint our living room. I told someone about my mom the other day - how amazing she is. What does your mom do when she comes to visit? Mine usually buys bleach, paper towels, and food (I don't use the first two and she always judges my food storage to be deficient) and then spends 48 hours cleaning the bathroom/fridge/floors/garage/whatever else she judges needs cleaning. And sometimes, she paints. She very carefully tapes off everything, does the cut in work, brings her own brushes and rollers and does two carefully blended coats. Then she cleans up and leaves.

She's like a magic fairy, basically.

So she painted our living room (I did try to help - but so did Zuzu) this past weekend and now it looks so grown up! We re-arranged the furniture too and that helped a great deal, plus changed out the curtains (i.e., I swapped out the curtains from the guest room, since that room has no appreciable color scheme). I can't say it's quite done, yet - I'm spray painting the old stand lamps we had in there to spruce them up and trying to figure out how things should go on the wall.

But now I'm on a kick! I want to paint more, organize more, more more...I feel bad for living here for so long and not having invested very much. It's like I just kept expecting my house to look coordinated if I cleaned it enough, but...that was definitely not the problem. Of course what I really want is a new coach (brown leather) and to re-do the bathrooms (rip out the vanities and ugly mirrors) but what I'll actually end up doing is probably recovering the two chairs and finally framing a ton of things that are stuffed in my 'to be framed one day' box.

MOVING ON - I took a meal to a lovely friend who had a baby and guess what? I got to hold the baby! Usually I don't like to hold people's newborns - I'm always a bit nervous about my own standards of cleanliness, lets be honest - but this one was fussy and so sweet looking and the mom offered and then...bliss. Baby bliss!!

To all the people who are asking: we'll get pregnant again when God decides it's time. When you ask, it's really awkward, since I don't want to start talking PCOS-cycles-menstration-ovulation-mucus. So lets skip it and just talk about the miracle baby I DO have!

Hope your rainy day was grrrrreat.

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