Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Carriers and an Ergo Giveaway!

Alright, this post is for straight up advice - you can comment or find some other way to give me your opinions, but I've gotta get some!

What do you do for the portable baby? Do you stroll them around all the time? Are you a baby wearer - and if you are, how do you like to wear your baby? Moby wrap? Baby K'tan? Ergo baby? Sling? Baby bjorn?

There's so many choices and all have their devotees. I'm sure I'll just have to try a few and see what works when she gets here, but I'd still like advice from all you experienced mamas (or aunties or sitters)! I own a moby wrap (thank you, Mindy!), but I have no baby to practice with...and I feel weird asking my friends to use their babies to practice.

I heard great things about Ergo baby, so I entered this awesome GIVEAWAY over at Welcome to Motherhood! If you're shopping for one of those, then I'd recommend entering - it doesn't end till the end of the month (Sept. 30).

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  1. I babywear exclusively in any indoor place (stores, church, mall, restaurant, ec.). I use 2 different types of carriers almost exclusively...a ring sling and 2 shouldered carrier. I have 3 different types of ring slings (one maya wrap, one other type I can't remember the name but it has thinner material) and one mesh one for the water. I like them because they are easy on/easy off, and easy to breastfeed in.

    For 2 shouldered carriers, I have a kozy, a beco baby and an ergo. I love the ergo, so if you are just going to get 1, I would get that. Although the beco is really cute, and easy to put a baby on your back on (once they are old enough for that). I like the kozy as well and find it really comfortable.

    Whether I use the kozy or the ring sling depends on where we are going and what I will be doing. I generally use a 2-shouldered carried if I will be doing lots of walking/standing and the ring-sling if there will be more sitting and more in and out stuff.

    I use the stroller for walks/hikes (almost daily), but it pretty much lives in the garage and I hardly ever take it in the van. The exception is if we are going to someplace like the zoo and then I like the stroller more for carrying stuff (water bottles, snacks, etc. for multiple kids) than actually for carrying the baby.

    I actually anticipate using the stroller way more in Fl and with this baby than I did with my other ones just because it is so dang hot all the time. With my babies up North, I wore them a lot more outside to keep them warm. Here it's so hot though, I think I'll use the stroller more.

  2. I started with a baby bjorn and sling with Sadie and they were okay...

    I started getting used to a wrap when she was bigger, which was just a ten yard piece of stretch fabric I'd bought at Joann's.

    With Mae we had a gift certificate and got a Moby wrap and it's my all time favorite.

    We have a bob too that we love for longer walks, and an umbrella stroller that lives in the car for short trips around town.

    1. Do you find the moby wrap to be hot??? That's always my fear!

  3. I'm not a mom, but researching like crazy because I can't wait to be :). What I've read is that the difference between a bjorn style carrier and an ergo style one is that the bjorn carries the baby by the crotch (sorry, hate that word) and the ergo carries them by the hips in the seated position. So, from what I ready, babies are happier longer in the ergo style one because it's a natural position, where the bjorn isn't. I started looking at babies when I'm out and see them in carriers, and never noticed the difference until I knew there was one- now it's obvious and the ergo style really does look way more comfy and natural!

    1. I've heard that too, but I also heard you can just position your babies legs differently to make it work...?
      I registered for a baby bjorn "air" - because it's made of I'm hoping that it would be cool enough to use year-round down here in the tropics!

      I see all these women baby wearing and they look so cute, but I'm afraid I'm just going to look frumpy and my boobs will always be squished into weird ways (sorry I know that's TMI, but I'm considerably larger chested than most of the adorable hippie-mamas that seem to live on kale and water!!).

  4. Really, you do just have to try and see what you like. I know a lot of people love wraps and hate ring slings. Personally, I love ring slings, but hate wraps (even the Moby wrap). Wraps are just too much fabric for me and I hate being all covered up, swaddled in fabric. But so many people love them, so you just have to see what you like.

    1. I have had concerns about the Moby wrap being too hot here in FL...guess I just have to wait and try it out to see!!
      Do your babies seem to have preferences too?

    2. I started babywearing with all of them when they were really a few days old. When they are young, they all like being upright, tummy to tummy with their head about my chest level. I can get them in that position in just about any sling, mai tei, pouch etc. When they are a bit older, they like being on my hip or back. I only do back carries with a mai tai like carrier (ergo, kozy or beco). The main thing is as long as they are upright (whether front, hip or back) they are happy.

    3. Oh, and wanted to add that mesh carrier (that can be used in the water) would be a must for FL I think. Something you can take in the pool or beach is really helpful.


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