Monday, September 10, 2012

It Gets REAL

Here we are, I am 34 weeks and two days, which means I'm already thinking "uh, I'm basically 35 weeks" (do not ask how this logic works, it doesn't). Which means that I am now slowly realizing that as soon as I get home from this vacation, it's gonna get real. No more baby denial. No more "oh yeah we've picked out a carseat, we just haven't bought it yet" or "yeah I know the nursery needs carpet and a glider, but I haven't found what I absolutely love" or any of that. No, no. As soon as we get back, it's on.

To avoid the cursing, doncha know

So what have I done to prepare myself on vacation? More prayer maybe? Journaling? Reading the helpful handouts my birth class instructor sent out? No, I've been re-reading Twelfth Night and making Tom walk two miles to find me cotton candy (spun sugar is faaabulous). NOT HELPFUL. 

At this point, I am just not sure my brain wants to be any more prepared. There comes a certain point where you're on advice and information overload and the only thing left to do is actually do whatever the hell it is you're preparing for. I am tired of hearing "just wait, your life is about to change!" and all the rest. I'm just ready to experience the change for myself. I'm ready to accept the weight of being a mother, or at least, as ready as I can be for this sort of unknowable-reality. 

So, since I am about to go into full-blown nesting psycho-ness, I'll just ask: is there anything you recommend doing before baby comes? Leave a comment if you'd like, or you can get at me on twitter or facebook. Last night at dinner with one of Tom's best friends he suggested LIVE TWEETING the birth. (live tweeting is where you send out tweets, or messages under 140 characters, periodically during a specific event as it happens) That seems a little intense to me, not to mention a lot of the people I follow on twitter are law school peeps and that could get super awkward super fast, but I'm still considering it. 


  1. If your labors are anything like mine, you'll be in no mood to live-tweet anything!

    Oh and go buy your!!. It's the one thing you really need before baby, and you don't want Tom to have to leave you at the birthing center and go out and buy one last minute so you can go home. LOL

    1. Very true about maybe I'll only get off two tweets.

      I know we really need to buy our carseat!! Maybe this is my way of being in denial about having a baby!?!


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