Monday, September 17, 2012

No-Sauce Pasta

I know this will probably make many of you laugh, but for a long time, if I had a box of pasta and no pasta sauce (or ingredients to make said sauce), I was at a loss of what to do! In case you're like me, thought I'd help you out.

No matter what kind of pasta, add:

-olive oil
-garlic (I use minced)
-oregano, parsley, basil or any other spice you care for that's Italian-ish
-parmesan cheese or chunks of mozzarella if you have it

The amount depends on your taste! Just keep adding and tasting until you're satisfied. If you have veggies, I would add them - fresh tomatoes and a steamed green would be especially nice to toss with this.

Also, in case you want your mind blown, please check out this post at Like Mother, Like Daughter to learn how to CURE YOUR OWN SALMON. I love lox with a fierce passion and this post lit me on fire. I'm going to try it this week...I'll let you know if we get sick and die!

Hope you had a lovely Monday!

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