Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Sooo took the car to get an alignment, rotation yadda yadda today...and Mr. Mechanic Man tells me I need new tires. "Oh that's impossible," I sweetly explain while concentrating on not crying, "because we just got new tires last year - here, as a matter of fact." He proceeds to tell me that our type of car just 'goes through tires fast' and there is 'no wear left on the front or back.' I am staring at him thinking something like this, "LOOK, buddy, I'm not going to be the one to tell my husband we need new tires and I'm NOT going to be the one whose tires blow out on the way to the birthing center, so I don't care what you're trying to sell me, you better change your tune and tell me those tires are FINE." 

We are going to get a second opinion about the tires.

Blackacre is grateful for that. He doesn't like being stranded in cars, with or without laboring women.

I ruined someone's funeral yesterday with  my singing. It was so bad Mr. O hasn't even brought it up since it happened; we just let it go untalked about, so the horror would not be relived. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the deceased's family; I promise I did my best, but that was not very good on that particular day. If it's any consolation, I offered up my total and complete humiliation for your loved one's soul. 

Do you cloth diaper? Do you love giveaways? OF COURSE YOU DO! (or maybe you don't, that's okay too - really, I just want to do it for the savings - I actually don't care about the earth) But if you do AND if you're interested, check out this cloth diaper giveaway at the Boho Mama! May the best (wo)man win! 

Also, while searching around for cute and affordable cloth diapers, I found this giveaway by the Cuckoo's Nest. Let me just say the pictures brought back GREAT memories - I too used to go topless at the beach wearing only tie die and ruffles on my bottom half. Thankfully, I was also the same age as the adorable gal in that post! 

Liturgy of the Hours Blackacre asks you be mindful of modesty, especially at the beach. 

It's very true that the same 10 people volunteer for everything at church. Trying to get volunteers to replace me in all of my volunteer positions is really exhausting and stressful. It makes me think about what our Bishop Dewane said recently at a Theology on Tap: "Americans aren't joiners." He was commenting on the lack of flourishing of lay movements like Opus Dei or the Neocatechumenal Way - movements that are growing by leaps and bounds in other parts of the world. By and large, Americans are too independent - they don't want more obligations. I think being an American Catholic is actually a handicap at times; we're just bred to be more individualistic, so it's harder for us to be self-donative. 

I'm having Braxton-Hicks every day and it's pretty exciting. It's a new kind of pain/uncomfortable, but I kind of like it - Baby is on her waaaaay. 

Obviously, she will be even cuter than the Gerber Baby 

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