Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 in Review

I am bad at remembering: I don't like to look back - I'm always looking forward. Sometimes this causes me to overlook some wonderful moments or fail to learn from some difficult ones. So I'll join Dwija in this stroll down memory lane:


I was also in my third month of leading the youth ministry and took a bunch of them to the St. Augustine March for Life

The first of the year in 2014 found me longing for order, the word I chose to guide me throughout. I wanted to be pregnant, we were considering adoption, I wanted my life to have a proper sense of proportion. I was very much searching.


Then in February, Tom's parents rented the condo across the street from our house and that was such a blessing. Having grandparent's literally across the street, along with some lovely cool weather, gave us a month where I did little blogging, except to note the fun MLK parade attended. Lots of time with Tom and his parents, lots of dinners on the patio, lots of wonderful memories!


St. Patrick's Day was Confirmation last year, so March flew by as my work life was very busy. I found myself struggling with being a working mom and trying to find my peace fulfilling two roles I never saw myself doing at the same time. We were also re-doing my office at work, so Zuzu was spending A LOT of time at the parish.

This was also the year that Zuzu got THREE Easter baskets, because Jen, my mom, and I are all incapable of communicating.
Last April was a busy, angst filled month - we had our Rummage Sale to benefit the youth group, Easter of course which is a very busy season for Tom, and then both of our birthdays. I dyed my hair red and struggled a lot with the point of (me) blogging.


This month brought one of the most fun vacations we've ever had when we visited the Christensens in  Missouri. Zuzu thoroughly enjoyed their four lovely children - and their chickens! Tom and I loved time with another family that is striving to raise their children focused on Christ.


In the middle of the year, we confirmed the news that we had lost the baby we had been so excitedly anticipating. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a great trip to Pittsburgh to visit my friend Colleen and Miami to see my friends David and Jennine - trips that were fun, relaxing, and a much-needed distraction.


We took our big trip this month and went to Aruba! I discovered that Aruba is a lot further away than I had thought (4 hour flight from south Florida...19 miles off the coast of Venezuela!), and that having your picture taken on a beach vacation can be kinda hard. Edel happened, and it wasn't everything I wanted it to be, but I learned a lot about myself so that's worth something, right?

Time with GG and Grampy at the sail club! 

We spent some much-needed time with Tom's family. The annual hang-out at the sail club, trips to the zoo, and summer weather that did not necessitate constant AC: summer in Indiana.


We announced our big news - second baby on the way! That and sleep dominated my least, until we went to Ireland for ten days. The cooler weather did a lot to alleviate some of my fatigue and queasiness, and we had a lovely trip without a single drop of rain.


Zuzu turned two and we found out we were having a baby boy!


I decided that I wanted to NOT look like a total slob this pregnancy, and started to get on top of Christmas gifts (in the thriftiest way possible). We spent Thanksgiving in Indiana with Tom's family, where we got a white Thanksgiving and lots of time in the cold (this really helped me with my desire to look cute - good hair days are plentiful when there's no humidity).


Last month I didn't make my 2-post a month goal, but did manage to get all my Christmas gifts out on time - and half my Christmas cards! So I'm really counting that as a win. It was a busy month celebrating all the lovely feasts in Advent (St. Lucia Day, Our Lady of Guadalupe), keeping vigil with the Lenaburgs, and getting my house ready for Christmas. My parents came to visit for a little bit during the Christmas season - and man, we got a LOT done during that time! I'm not quite ready to do a post on Zuzu's new room, but I really want to because their hard work deserves a post of it's own.

And THAT makes for quite the year!


  1. :) :) :)

    Such a great year! So glad I was able to share in many of those memories!

  2. Aww, loved this! I've seen other bloggers post a photo recap of their year, but I love how you also added in the little blurbs for what was going on in your life each month. Happy new year and here's to looking forward to filling 2015 with beautiful memories and photos!

  3. Whew, what a year! Looking forward to reading all your posts that you linked to. I thought I had subscribed to your blog long ago but I guess not.


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